Classic, home-made tuna sandwich with organic mayo and dill relish on California sprouted grain bread, side of fresh, organic carrots and strawberries.

70% cacao dark chocolate cake made with organic almond flour, milk from a free range happy cow, stevia natural sweetening, and topped with hand whipped heavy cream.

Farm raised organic spicy Asian tofu in braised red cabbage salad with Thai aioli dressing, plus a cucumber slice in the water glass.

Fresh veggie, pacific coast burrito with flash-fried potato wedges, whole, organic black beans, avocado, Spanish rice, and crisp pico de gallo, wrapped in a moist, hand-rolled tortilla and heat-insulating, 100% recyclable tinfoil casing.

Salvadorian, bone-in chicken soup with organic, peeled carrots, cubed potatoes, quartered cabbage, topped with onion, cilantro, and diced Serrano peppers.

Gourmet Chocolate flavored, 100% Natural Whey Protein shake powder stirred with organic, all-natural, twice-pasteurized goat’s milk.

Local, organic, original and lychee flavored flash-frozen yogurt with lychee boba, lychee jelly, and decadent chocolate morsels, topped with condensed milk syrup and coconut flakes.

Chipotle-lime marinated grilled chicken breast, avocado, Swiss cheese, romaine hearts and mayonnaise on ciabatta.

100% dolphin-free, solid white albacore Kirkland brand tunafish on an heirloom silver fork.

German, curry braised natural, free-range chicken breast skewers with water chestnuts, fried potatoes, green onion, and mixed, organic vegetables.

Cafeteria-style, crinkle-cut french fries with lightly breaded, farm-raised British Cod, hint of lemon, hint of tarter, smothered in home-made catchup. Side of Mountain Dew.